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How to Please the Conscious Consumer

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Sustainability, ethical shopping, environmentally friendly. Are these just retail buzzwords or are people actually changing the way they act and shop?

Climate change, pollution, and limited resources are big problems that have started to affect our day-to-day lives. This is why people are trying to make small changes everyday in order to help the environment and live better lives. 

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You might be wondering what does it have to do with retail? Well, the simple act of shopping, the types of products you sell, the way you promote your products—all of them have an impact on the environment. Nowadays, shoppers have turned into conscious consumers who always read the labels, select eco-friendly brands and products, and are quite selective when it comes to the retail chains they shop at. 

Before we dig deeper into the way you can please these consumers, let’s start out by explaining some of the new terms that appear on the retail market. 

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