Donating to organizations that fit your business’s values

Improved team morale is another area in which businesses benefit by donating to charitable organizations. Company culture is important to future and current staff, and your workers will feel good about working for a company that gives back.

Customers are also likely to feel good about supporting a company that donates to charity. According to Squareup, giving back boosts a company’s image and leads to a more loyal customer base. Further, your brand image is improved because charitable giving demonstrates corporate responsibility. According to the Center for Social Impact Communication, millennials place great importance on corporate social responsibility.

To make the most out of your donations, first of all, pick the right organization to donate to. For a small business that’s tied to the community, it often makes sense to pick a local group.

“We try to focus on smaller local groups versus nationwide organizations, since these are the ones that the bigger companies seem to miss,” Schweig said.

If there’s a national charity that ties to your company’s values, that’s always an option as well. You want to find an organization that best fits with your business’s values.

When seeking out an organization to donate to, take adequate time to select one. Making contributions to charities and organizations that truly mean a lot to your business is better than just doing it for the sake of making contributions. Put sufficient time, effort and energy into choosing the right organization for your business to support.

You may find two or three organizations that fit your business’s values. If that’s the case, don’t shy away from providing charitable contributions to multiple organizations. Building a relationship with and supporting multiple charities is a good idea. It gets your business involved in your community while also building strong relationships with great charitable organizations.