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Know More About Customer service

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Finally, you may want to consider using machine learning to help build your customer service presence. There are many businesses that use online chatbots to help answer customer questions.

There’s no doubt that chatbots are boosting sales. Sites like Sephora, which sells beauty products, saw an 11 percent increase in sales when they switched to a bot to help customers on their Facebook page.

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It’s possible to build these chatbots from the ground up to reflect the personality of your business, help build rapport, acknowledge human slang and jargon and to carry on an online conversation as human-like as possible without a human on the other end!

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear now that machine learning is only getting better as time goes on. You can use this technology to grow your business, protect your customers, offer the perfect products to people on your site and more.

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